Cancer Alliance of Nebraska
Closer to the Cure

We believe that together we can cure cancer.

We are a nationally-recognized cancer research nonprofit that provides breakthrough treatments to cancer patients through clinical trials in the comfort of their own communities.  Every day we get closer to the cure.

We succeed in our work due to the collaborative support of our experienced physicians, hospitals, clinics, donors, and patients in communities across the state of Nebraska.  We share in the collective belief that there is always something more we can do in the fight against cancer.

Join us today in our quest to find new cures and treatments for cancer!

Why Cancer Clinical Trials are Important

  • They lead to the discovery of new cancer treatments and cures
  • They are a key step in a comprehensive, careful research process
  • They can improve the health of participating cancer patients
  • They benefit future generations, impacting thousands  of lives
  • When our research is shared – across the state and around the globe – we get closer to the cure even faster